About Me

Staying ahead of the game, even with a successful track record, is one of the most challenging issues for businesses today.

With a strong reputation for unique understanding and insight, I am a trusted advisor, coach and mentor working to inspire and support business owners to focus, energise and grow in an increasingly competitive world.

I work with diverse organisations, from environmental restoration experts to high street retailers to help them achieve; whatever the marketplace.Read More »

What I Do

I play a supportive role in the lives of business owners as coach and mentor,ensuring that the plans they make and the strategies they employ towards their goals are authentic and achievable.

Many of my clients may feel unsure if their business is going in the right direction, they perceive an obstruction to their business growth and may be thinking of implementing change, but don’t know if the timing is right.

Its a very powerful tool to be accountable, not just for your goals but for the route you choose to achieve them.Read More »

Products & Services

Coaching & Mentoring – No business is immune from the need to evolve, but it can be difficult to take time out to reflect on the strategies needed to ensure continued success.  This is my area of expertise.

Business Breakthrough – Is a 3-hour session where I will consult with you on a specific area in your business and put you back on track.

Staff Training – ‘Time & Priority Management’ is just one of the training courses I offer to maximise staff productivity within the company strategies.Read More »


Inspiration comes from any direction and can surprise you with new insights into your business thinking. Feel free to use this resource at any time.

I regularly choose new articles, TED talk videos and books which I have find inspiring and would like to share with you. These golden nuggets of wisdom can often spark new ways of thinking about and tackling old problems.

Download a recommended reading list. If you like what you see there is a direct link to Amazon to purchase your selection.Read More »